Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hey beauty babes! Today I've got a review and demo for you on the JUNO & CO MICROFIBER FUSION SPONGE! Find out if its a gimmick or actually a really great product! I will demo this sponge both wet AND dry, also with foundation, concealer and loose powder! I hope you enjoy!

If you have tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts on this! ♥ BTW I am going to update about cleaning the sponges on my instagram stories and will "highlight" them on my profile, so if you are watching this more than 24h later you can still see. But the update is GOOD. While these cant be cleaned as easy as a normal sponge, they CAN be cleaned good as new. Check out my stories for the info!

Purchase the Microfiber Sponge by itself for just $4 here
Bundle with Sponge & Foundation Brush for $5 here
Bundle (that I got) with 2 sponges & Brush Cleaner for $10 here
Bundle 4 Microfiber Sponges for just $14 here

P.S. Someone had a REALLY great question on my youtube channel. Since I was kind of learning as I was going in the video, and I wasn't quite clear (well to be honest at the time of filming I didn't know) it was asked if the sponge WOULD work with a thicker foundation IF I used it wet. Originally when I tried this with a thicker foundation (with a dry sponge) I didn't think it worked well.

So, I did try it out again with the original foundation I used (the PUR Cosmetics bare it all foundation), this time with the sponge wet. And I am happy to report that it definitely works MUCH better when the sponge is wet. And just for reference, I started with just a little bit of product (a few dots) and worked it in. I did add a little more product as I went, but not much. Which I think that was also part of my problem the first time - I just applied too much product, you don't need much with this sponge. 

Anyways... it applied flawlessly. I will say, with the thicker foundation, it doesn't move around as smoothly as with the thinner foundation, I did have to pounce it just a touch, but it wasn't bad at all. Definitely not as bad as the first time I tried. Best of all with this sponge is that it really applies foundation in a way that just doesn't get cakey, but still gives great coverage and I love that. ♥ Hope this helps!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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