Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stamp Crease Review & Demo! Gimmick or Great!?

Alright beauty babes, I've got a fun new review (and video series idea) to share with you today! I decided to purchase the Facebook Famous "Stamp Crease" beauty tool to try. If you have not heard of the stamp crease, its basically just as the name suggests - its a "stamp" like beauty tool designed to give you the perfect "cut crease" eye look with ease!! So in today's video I will be sharing a demo of how it works, as well as share my thoughts along with some tips and tricks.

Find out if this is a Gimmick or a Great product! Also don't forget to weigh in with your thoughts on the stamp crease. Have you tried it? Will you try it? Or are you not at all interested? Sound off in the comments!
For anyone curious, I purchased mine from a website called Vaxili, but when I went to find the link for it, the stamp was no longer available there. I will link it here anyways, just in case it comes back in stock.

BUT if you are really wanting to buy, just do a simple google search. Lots of places are selling these and I even saw some ebay for only $4 which is way less than what I paid (I should have shopped around! haha). So you can find these all over.

But here is where I got mine: https://vaxili.com/stamp

Enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

Much Love & Hugs,
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