Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Top Favorite Concealers for Dark Circles - Possible Shape Tape DUPE!?

Hey beauty babes, today I am sharing my top 5 favorite concealers for dark circles! I am also including 2 honorable mentions, which are GREAT concealers (within the top 10) but just didn't quite cut it for the top 5. Still I wanted to mention them as additional options for anyone looking for more recommendations!

Now I will be including a mix of high end concealers as well as some drugstore options as well. So there is something for everyone. As you may know if you are familiar with me and my videos (I tend to show my bare face often), I struggle with pretty intense dark circles. So I have tried MANY concealers - ALL of these I will be mentioning do a wonderful job at concealing dark circles. Each of them are a favorite for their own reasons. So I hope you enjoy hearing my picks and my thoughts on these...

I mention my Top 5 are in no particular Order. All are top 5 favorites each for their own reasons. But of course all of them are concealers that I feel do the very BEST for concealing my dark circles! I've included time-stamps and links to help you find them - these are affiliate links!

As a bonus, I briefly chat about a couple other concealers that I have NOT YET tried, but would like to! So if you have tried either of these, I would love to know your thoughts on them and if you would recommend them? 

Concealers I want to try: 29:24

Also please feel free to recommend any other concealers that I have not mentioned. I am always up for trying a good concealer!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Urban Decay Petite Heat & Touch of Glam Beauty Foiled Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Hey babes I really hope you enjoy today's tutorial. Its a pretty basic, but pretty look, but hopefully you like it! It was just a look I decided to create real quick, nothing extraordinary, but I do love the way it turned out! Products will be listed and the video is at the end of this post!

Products used in the video:
-Urban Decay Petite Heat Palette
-Touch of Glam Beauty Foiled Shadow in Pharaoh use code AGAPELOVE15 for 15% off at Touch of Glam Beauty
-Pretty Vulgar The Ink Black Gel Liner
-PUR Cosmetics Bombshell lashes
-PUR Cosmetics Sculptor Highlight & Contour Palette (see this in action in my boxycharm review video, just a heads up, I didn't like it!)
-beauty creations x boxycharm Matte Lip Gloss (also didn't like this)

City Beauty City Lips Lip Gloss in Sun Diego (I hated the lipstick, so switched it)

Here is one photo with the Beauty Creations "Matte Lip Gloss"

Much Love & Hugs,
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Stilazzi Eye Brushes Battle | Artisan Luxe vs Studio Series

Hey babes, its part 2 of the Stilazzi Brush Battle, this time using the EYE brushes from each brush set. If you have not yet seen the first "brush battle" check it out (here).

I just wanted to give another HUGE THANK YOU to Stilazzi for being so generous and sending me these brushes! I had so much fun trying them all out for you, and I hope you had as much fun watching and learning as I did testing these out. 

Find the Stilazzi Artisan Luxe brushes hereFind the Stilazzi Studio Series Brushes here.

Products used:
Urban Decay Petite heat Palette
MBA Cosmetics Glitter Foil & Line FX
(use code AGAPELOVE15 for 15% off at mba cosmetics)
Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara
Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss Fuel
Brushes used:

Crease Blender - L215
Large Blender - S212

Shadow Fluff - L213
Flat Concealer- S500

Outer V
Color Blend - L211
Blender - S211

Lower Lash Line
Smudge - L208
Mini Definer - S206

Repeats for highlight
Color Blend - L211
Blender - S211

Glitter Application
Small Shadow - L221
Flat Concealer- S500

Additional Brushes Mentioned but not demo'd
Angled Mini - S203
Angled Liner - S204
Brow Duo - L204
Mini Crease Fluff - L217
Large Pointed Crease - L218
Pencil - L220

Be sure to let me know your thoughts, vote for your favorites using the polls or share your thoughts in the comments!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Thursday, June 7, 2018

City Lips Lip Plumping Lip Gloss Swatches | City Beauty

Hey loves, today I am here to share a Lip swatch video with you! And a huge THANK YOU to City Beauty for these amazing glosses! The City Lips Lip Plumping Lip Gloss by City Beauty is a long-lasting lip gloss is designed to help improve the appearance of thinning, dry lips. The formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep hydration and fast plumping results.  It also includes natural moisturizers like jojoba oil & ylang ylang flower oil well-known soothing and restorative properties. And Oligopeptides - a string of amino acids that penetrate the skin to support natural collagen production. This helps enhance lip volume and smooths the appearance of fine lines to create a fuller, younger look.

Check out my original review here.
Gloss shades featured:
♥ clear their most popular gloss 
♥ los angelips A sheer, cool-toned pink with gold sheen
♥ nude york A sheer, warm-toned nude with gold glitter
♥ tinsel town A sheer, cool-toned pink with silver glitter
♥ sun diego A bright, warm-toned pink with golden sheen
♥ orchid A cool-toned lavender with pink and blue glitter
♥ holly A bright, warm-toned red with a gold sheen

Let me know which shades are your faves!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Stilazzi Brushes Battle | Artisan Luxe vs Studio Series

Hey babes, today I have a fun video to share with you! I recently received an amazing package of two fabulous Brush sets from Stilazzi Cosmetics. I got their Artisan Luxe brushes, which are luxurious Pro-Quality 100% natural hair and hand made and the Studio Series Brushes which areultra-soft 100% synthetic fibers, vegan and handmade! They all looked so incredible, and I wanted a way to test, demo and review as many as I could for you. So I decided to do a fun, interactive "brush battle" using the Artisan Luxe Brushes on one side of my face and the Studio Series on the other side of my face! 

I decided to also add polls to my video so you can vote on your faves! I really hope you enjoy today's video and the way I decided to make it interactive so YOU can share your opinions as well! I just wanted to give another HUGE THANK YOU to Stilazzi for being so generous and sending me these brushes! I had so much fun trying them all out for you. And I've definitely found some new go-to brushes! 

Time stamps:
Foundation - 3:50
Concealer - 8:31
Under Eye Setting - 12:40
Face Setting - 15:25
Contour - 17:55
Blush - 21:54
Highlight - 24:54
Wrap up
Extra Brushes not demo'd - 29:30

Brushes I used:
Buff - L313
Kabuki - S409

Large Fluff - L224
Precision Stipple - S301

Under eye Setting:
Large Fluff - L224
Face Primer - S502

Face Setting:
Buff - L313
Large Powder - S306

Cheek & Chisel - L309
Tapered Cheek - S510

Angled Blush - L312
Small Powder - S305

Fan - L314
Highlight - S509

Be sure to let me know your thoughts, vote for your favorites using the polls or share your thoughts in the comments!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Monday, June 4, 2018

NEW Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation Review, Demos + Wear Test

Hey beauty babes, so today I am sharing my review on the new Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. I was one of the influencers who got that crazy huge PR package with all the foundations in it (some thoughts on that in the video haha). So I did test this a few times and ended up having a lot of thoughts to share with you all on it... Which made for a very LONG video, clearly I had A LOT to say about this foundation. But I do have time stamps below, so you can skip ahead to any point in the video to really see or hear what you are most interested in.

Just so you know this video does include TWO demos (using 2 different shades) and a wear test. SO here are ALL the "stops". Please feel free to click forward to where you need....
-About my Review- 0:35
-About the PR package- 1:41
-Critical Thoughts- 3:22

-The Shade Range- 6:01
-Shade Struggle- 6:30
-Packaging Perks- 12:47
-About the Primers- 13:58

-FIRST Demo- 15:59
-1st Close Up- 17:19
-First Impressions- 17:49

-SECOND Demo- 21:09
-2nd Close up- 23:31
-The Claims- 22:20
-Application of other Face Products- 23:48
-3rd Close up- 28:20

-Second Impressions- 28:54
-Overview of the Claims- 31:14

-Final Check In- 36:51
-Wrap Up- 38:00

Alright beauties, I hope you find this review and my thoughts helpful! If you have any questions about anything I mentioned or want any updates, just let me know!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, June 1, 2018

MBA Cosmetics SALES and Product Swatches

Hey beauty babes, today I wanted to pop in to share some awesome sales MBA Cosmetics has going on! In addition to that, I've actually got quite a bit of product shots and swatches to share too. So hopefully you enjoy! ♥

Now before we get into the product - lets just get the sales info out of the way! SO as always you can get 15% off with my affiliate code AGAPELOVE15 - this code can be used any and every time you make a purchase. And yes it also works during sales! Woo Hoo! So be sure to get yourself all the savings you can. 

Moving on, MBA Cosmetics is doing an awesome "June madness Sale", you can see the flier below for the details... But there will be a product listing called 'FREE ITEM' for $0.00 at the top of every category on the website. You will need to add the FREE ITEM to your cart and type in product/color choice for the free item.

Please not that "ON SALE" and "CLEARANCE" items are EXCLUDED from these offers. So in order for you to get your free item, make sure you have the appropriate items for purchase. Otherwise you wont get that freebie. 
Speaking of sale and clearance items... Right now there still about 6 shades of Chromalights in the BLACK COMPACTS that are on Clearance for just $5! That is a STEAL! So if you have been wanting to try - try at a steep  discount! Or if you just want to stock up, now is the time. 

For anyone not familiar with the Chromalights in the Black Compacts, here is a photo of them. This shade is Prismatica.
If you are curious, the reason the Chromalights in black compacts are on clearance is because their packaging got a little makeover! How CUTE are these!? Photo credit - Sam Banks.  Instead of the bulky black compacts, you can now get your Chromalights in these Reusable Magnetic Compacts! Whats great about these is that, once you use up the Chromalight, you can simply pop it out and re-order another one as "pan only" and then stick it back into your compact! ♥ They also have a cute design and a lot more slim and sleek!

And just for your viewing pleasure, here are some chromalight swatches of just a few of the colors MBA Cosmetics has to offer!
Featured below is Holy Grail, Blush and Equinox.

Next up on the sales list are the Sugar Babies Jojoba Lip Glazes! They come in a wide variety of colors colors, from Nudes, Reds and Pinks to bold colors like Blue, Black, Gold and Green!! MBA Sugar Babies are a super pigmented Jojoba Lip Glaze with a delicious Pink Sugar Rush flavor!

They remind me a bit of the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks. So if you like those, you will love these. And right now, all Sugar Babies Lip Glaze are 50% off, making them just $2.75!! 😱 Here are a couple swatches...

And an oldie but a goodie... The 4 pan sparkly magnetic palette. You can actually customize your own glitter palette. Pick out any 4 of MBA Cosmetics pressed glitters and get the Sparkly palette for just $30! If you have been eying this palette - dont wait on this. I do believe that once these specific palettes sell out, they will be gone for good, because MBA Cosmetics has come out with their own custom 4 pan palette... Keep Scrolling for pics!
And here is the new palette:
Speaking of new palettes - they also have this larger option! This Freestyle Magnetic Palette measures 7 x 4 inches and is made from a heavy duty and sturdy paperboard with a glossy black finish. The MBA Cosmtics logo is on the top and a holographic quote inside the top.

It will hold:
-18 26mm pans (small pressed glitters, pressed eyeshadows or lip pans)
- 8 37mm pans (large pressed glitters, chromalights, pressed blush pans, shimmerlights pans)

For fun I placed a rainbow of MBA Cosmeitics Silk FX Shadows in mine. Their Silk FX shadows are incredible! And they literally have a vast rainbow of shades to choose from!

The Silk FX shadows are truly a HIDDEN GEM that I wish more people knew about! Literally some of the BEST shadows out there. And SO affordable too starting at just $4.50 (or less with my discount code)! Find them (here).

Here are some of my favorite shades:
Terra Rosa, Coral Cove and Tokyo Sun

Spiceberry, Rosey Outlook and heartthrob.

Rootbeer Float, Alcazar and Pebblestone

And here is a peek at a Green & Blue Palette I put together!
I'm so in LOVE!

Next up I just wanted to give a little shout out to the Pressed Glitter Trios! These are really neat, but I don't feel like they get enough love. Now I wills ay I do think that the Chromalights formula is better than the pressed glitter formula, but still these are great! I love that you can get 3 unique shades in one! Below are swatches of Akoya and Wildberry Kiss. But there are 9 special edition trios to choose from!

And lastly, I wanted to show some more love to one of the newest MBA Cosmetics products... Their Bling it On Liquid Glitters!!! I've talked about these before (here) but I just had to mentioned them again, because I cant seem to put these down!!
They are SO versatile and SO easy to use. I promise that even if you are new to glitter or are "scared" of glitter - you will LOVE these too.

Its such a unique product unlike any I've seen. The glitter comes pre-mixed with adhesive. So no worry about buying additional products to make it work. There is also NO fallout whatsoever! And because it comes in a squeeze tube, you can apply in a variety of ways.... Use your finger, a flat brush or a liner brush for more detailed work (like I've done here). You can also apply in layers to get a light sprinkling of glitter or build it up for a more opaque look!
I cannot rave about these enough! Best of all, they are just $10, but you can save with code AGAPELOVE15 at checkout. This is the shade Mermaid, and there are 25 shades to choose from! ♥ Alright babes, and that is IT for this post!! I hope you found it helpful in learning more about MBA Cosmetics products and sales!! Happy shopping! And be sure to let me know what you pick up!! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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