Friday, June 1, 2018

One Hit Wonder Makeup | Brands I Only Own One Product From

Hey babes, today's video is all about my "One Hit Wonder Makeup" where I share some Brands I Only Own One Product From! I believe Samantha March was the one who originally came up with this idea (she has so many good ones!). And in her video she talked about if that ONE item left a good enough impression that she would want to try more from that brand. I did mine just a LITTLE bit different, in that I am sharing ONLY items/brands that I liked and would want to try more from.

There are 8 brands in total! I hope you enjoy hearing my thoughts on them! And if you have tried these brands, I would love to know YOUR thoughts on them, and what you would recommend from them too! Also feel free to share your own One Hit Wonders in the comments!

BTW - If you haven't already seen Samantha's video you can watch it here.

Much Love & Hugs,
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