Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Stilazzi Brushes Battle | Artisan Luxe vs Studio Series

Hey babes, today I have a fun video to share with you! I recently received an amazing package of two fabulous Brush sets from Stilazzi Cosmetics. I got their Artisan Luxe brushes, which are luxurious Pro-Quality 100% natural hair and hand made and the Studio Series Brushes which areultra-soft 100% synthetic fibers, vegan and handmade! They all looked so incredible, and I wanted a way to test, demo and review as many as I could for you. So I decided to do a fun, interactive "brush battle" using the Artisan Luxe Brushes on one side of my face and the Studio Series on the other side of my face! 

I decided to also add polls to my video so you can vote on your faves! I really hope you enjoy today's video and the way I decided to make it interactive so YOU can share your opinions as well! I just wanted to give another HUGE THANK YOU to Stilazzi for being so generous and sending me these brushes! I had so much fun trying them all out for you. And I've definitely found some new go-to brushes! 

Time stamps:
Foundation - 3:50
Concealer - 8:31
Under Eye Setting - 12:40
Face Setting - 15:25
Contour - 17:55
Blush - 21:54
Highlight - 24:54
Wrap up
Extra Brushes not demo'd - 29:30

Brushes I used:
Buff - L313
Kabuki - S409

Large Fluff - L224
Precision Stipple - S301

Under eye Setting:
Large Fluff - L224
Face Primer - S502

Face Setting:
Buff - L313
Large Powder - S306

Cheek & Chisel - L309
Tapered Cheek - S510

Angled Blush - L312
Small Powder - S305

Fan - L314
Highlight - S509

Be sure to let me know your thoughts, vote for your favorites using the polls or share your thoughts in the comments!

Much Love & Hugs,
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