Friday, October 19, 2018

Urban Decay Cherry Palette VS Backtalk Palette | How Do They Compare!?

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Hey beauty babes, today I wanted to discuss and demonstrate the Urban Decay Cherry Palette VS Backtalk Palette to see how they compare. The idea that these two palette's were somewhat similar came up when I was asked a question about the color selection of the Cherry Palette. I had said it sort of reminded me of the Backtalk palette - and as my wheels started turning on the thought, I figured why not film a side by side comparison of the two and really SHOW you who they are similar as well as how they differ.

Please note, the point of this is not to start drama or to shade Urban Decay in any way. This is simply to help bring you information so you can make the best decisions concerning your purchases! 

For anyone curious about the New Cherry Collection, please check out my full video on it (here).

LINKS on Where to BUY:

The Collection at Ulta
Cherry Palette at Ulta

- Cherry Palette at Sephora (available 10/26)

WEAR TEST - Just wanted to update you on something else kind of interesting! I hadn't planned (or even thought) to do any kind of wear test for these. BUT I did notice a difference in wear between these two by the end of the night and figured it would be interesting info to share. SO at the end of the night, the Backtalk side was noticeably worn off in comparison to the Cherry side. Its not that it completely wore off or looked terrible, but looking in the mirror I had noticed that the shadows looked more faded in comparison to the Cherry Side. I don't think I would have noticed a more faded look to the shadows if I were only wearing them from one palette. But since I did have two different palettes on, it was noticeable. SO all that to say - the Cherry palette has a longer wear-time. ♥

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