Saturday, February 16, 2019

2019 Makeup Tag | Palette & Trend Predictions

Hey babes today we are getting chatty again with a new Tag! I'll be talking about My makeup motto + goals for 2019 pertaining to my channel, Brand Collaborations, Palette predictions, brands - products and trends I think will be burnt out in 2019! Hope this sounds fun and interesting to you! Feel free to leave your answers in a comment! This tag was created by Alexandria Sutton... 

Check out Alexandrias Video here.

Some of her Creative Content

❄️ Tag Questions ❄️

1. If you had to pick a motto for what you'd like your 2019 makeup life to be like, what would it be?
2. What one brand to you expect to come out with something groundbreaking in 2019?
3. What brand do you think will be burnt out in 2019?
4. Name 3 influencers you think ColourPop will collab with in 2019.
5. Do you think the 2019 COTY will be reflected in the makeup world?
6. What trends in eyeshadow palettes do you see coming in 2019?
7. What trends or products do you see growing in popularity in 2019?
8. What trends or products do you see lessening in popularity in 2019?
9. What, if any, celebrity or influencer do you predict will come out with their own line in 2019?
10. What did you learn during your 2018 makeup life that you'll bring with you into 2019?

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