Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Makeup Rrwind Rewind | November & December 2018

Hey babes, I think I have FINALLY decided on a name for this Monthly Series! What do we think of "Beauty Rewind". I wanted something cute and catchy... Thinking of the "Youtube Rewind" and looking back kind of gave me the idea. I choose beauty instead of makeup because these items will be more than just makeup - since I try lots of skincare and beauty tools as well. SO I just found it fitting! ♥ Anyways, Beauty Rewind will be a monthly series where I talk about all the "new" makeup/beauty items I tried in the previous month and give my genuine thoughts and overview on each item. I find these types of videos to not only be helpful to YOU in sharing more than just a "first impression", but they are helpful to me, to kind of keep track of products I have tried and my thoughts.

I know many other people do similar series like the following Ladies below:

Lauren DellaFerra (The Beauty Report
Katie Marie (Monthly Makeup Review)
Samantha March (Makeup Monthly)

Products Mentioned (Some Affiliate Links Used)

♥ Pacifica Hair & Body Mist (Island Vanilla) 
♥ ROC Eye Cream 
♥ Doterra Natural Deodorant 
Other Natural Deodorant brand I love
♥ CityBeauty City Lips MATTE 
♥ Coco Ensoleille Makeup Assassin 
♥ Biovene Pink Peel Off Mask 
♥ FRESH Beauty Black Tea Kombucha Skincare:
♥ Ciate London Stamp & Drag Liner 
♥ EmilyNoel x Revoltion The Wants Palette 

Much Love & Hugs,
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