Monday, May 6, 2019

Not Your Basic Booty Guru TAG | Makeup Tag

Hey beauty babes! I created my own Makeup TAG and I am SO excited to FINALLY share it with you! I really wanted to dive in with some good discussion worthy topics about the beauty community and being a beauty content creator, so this video is a bit long winded, but I do hope you enjoy! And please feel free to share YOUR thoughts on these questions and my answers!

If you are a beauty content creator, I would be thrilled if you decided to do this tag!! And if you do, please let me know so that I can watch and show you some love, and add you to the Play List!! The Questions are BELOW....

Please check out these amazing youtubers that I mentioned in today's video:
▶️ Theresa Is Dead 
▶️ Angie Burgs 
▶️ Carol Lago 
▶️ Dr. Mike 
▶️ Katie Marie 

TIME STAMPS in case you want to skip around to different questions:

Question 1 - 1:27
Question 2 - 2:55
Question 3 - 4:59
Question 4 - 6:48
Question 5 - 12:37
Question 6 - 14:23
Question 7 - 15:15
Question 8 - 16:40
Question 9 - 18:54
Question 10 - 21:44
Question 11 - 23:24
Question 12 - 24:24
Question 13 - 25:15
Question 14 - 27:05
Question 15 - 29:00
Question 16 - 33:00
Question 17 - 36:20
Question 18 - 38:50
Question 19 - 40:10


1. People tend to think beauty youtubers are experts (or should be) at doing makeup. Of course, that's not always true. What is one thing you struggle with doing? (Side note, even if you are a pro mua, I bet there are still things you struggle with so please share!)

2. On that note, are there any makeup techniques you'd like to improve or learn how to do?
3. Are there any makeup looks, styles, trends, or technique you absolutely refuse to do or follow on yourself? (Ex. winged liner, false lashes ect.)

4.  Are they any makeup trends or styles that you used to dislike, but now love? Or vice versa any that you used to love that now you dont care for any more?

5. Are they any beauty/makeup trends that most people hate that you (maybe secretly) like?

6. Are there any makeup “rules” or stereotypes that bother You?

7. What "old news" makeup products do you still love and use on the regular?

8. It’s possible that there may be (a) specific youtuber(s) that inspired you to start a youtube channel, but let’s talk about what, if anything, youtubers inspired you NOT to do!?

9. What beauty content do you love creating the most?

10. Is there any content that you create based on audience request or interest, that you actually don’t really like or prefer to create?

11. How often do you film?

12. Do you have a job outside of youtube?

13. What beauty content do you enjoy consuming (watching) the most?

14. Any none makeup channels you love?
15. Are there any makeup misconceptions because of youtube or Instagram, that you wish people knew the truth about or that you hope to change with your channel?

16. Have you ever felt unqualified or like bad beauty youtuber because you didn’t do things just like every other “beauty guru”?

17. If you could collaborate with a brand, which would it be and what would you create?

18. Would you rather collaborate with a brand or create your own makeup/beauty line?

19. Because your average "booty guru" doesnt typically do this... Its Shout out time... Name 3 beauty content creators you think deserve more followers or recognition!

Much Love & Hugs,
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