Thursday, June 13, 2019

Makeup I Want, But (probably) Wont Buy And Why #3

Hey beauty babes I hope you enjoy this video all about Makeup I Want, But probably Wont Buy (and why)! Lets create a community to help and encourage each other! Please feel free to share your thoughts on this subject. Share anything you WANT to buy but may not buy and why. We can chit chat and still have fun talking about makeup, even if we don't own it!

P.S. I am sure this isn't an original idea - just something I was thinking about and thought would make for a fun video to share. I feel its maybe most similar to Samantha March's "Will I buy it" videos - only you already know I most likely will NOT buy these things. Anyways, I guess this could also seem like an 'Anti-Haul' video, although its more of a positive spin on the "anti-haul"!

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 I filmed this video on Friday the 7th. And I wanted to address a few things to update what I said in my video. First it seems Jaclyn has "apologized" to the first girl (who asked about the weird lipstick issues), for being unprofessional. The reason I have apologized in quotations is because it was a pathetic apology! She didn't even tag that girl or say her name. And she didn't even address the fact that so many of her fans attacked that girl or do anything to stop them. You can see that "apology" here.

While I think its at least a start for her to somewhat apologize, I am still clearly disheartened by all of this. Jaclyn has not properly addressed any of this as she should have and should be doing. This is shocking! For someone who says she loves her fans... She isn't acting like it! Secondly... the day after filming this I saw Raw Beauty Kristi's video and was in even more shock. I cannot believe how bad and truly disgusting those lipsticks look and that Jaclyn is STILL telling her fans that they are 100% safe!

She needs to do a recall. Even if its not mold and these end up being safe, the quality is horrid! She should still recall them all! No one should spend that kind of money for such a disgusting product. She had 5+ years to perfect these lipsticks, she claimed that's why it took so long because she wanted a perfect product... And THIS is what she releases and does NOTHING to address it properly?

I'm appalled! While yes she is sort of addressing issues on Twitter. She needs to stop selling these lipsticks for now, she needs to do a recall, she needs to make a YouTube video addressing all of this, AND she needs to better apologize to Veronica (the first girl who reached out to her)! I am sorry if this all comes across very "drama channel" like, but this shouldn't be ignored.

I'm not typically one to join the bandwagon or go on a witch hunt, I truly only wish the best for Jaclyn... But not at the cost of the millions of people who love, trust and support her. I truly hope to see her make this right.

Much Love & Hugs,
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