Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How To: Avoid Bad Brushing Habits & Achieve a More Beautiful Smile! CariPro Ultrasonic Review, Discount + Giveaway!

Hey beauty babes, I am so glad you are joining me today! I want to talk to you about a "beauty device" I have recently started using. You may be laughing right now, or perhaps scratching your head in confusion. Isn't this an electric toothbrush review? Well, yes it is! Call me crazy, but I like to consider oral health care as a form of beauty care as well! Making time in my "beauty routine" for taking care of my mouth and teeth is important to me, so I can feel my most beautiful and confident in all aspects!

Now here is a little bit of a confession that I don't think I have mentioned before: I am a bit of nut over oral care.  Which could be a good thing, however for me its to a fault! See, I absolutely cant stand the feeling of a dirty mouth or teeth and often brush too much and too hard. My husband would laugh at me because I would actually brush my teeth TWICE just in the morning alone. The first time as an initial cleaning to rid my mouth and teeth of the yucky stuff that accumulates over night. Then I would go in for an additional round, and more tooth paste for added freshness and feeling of cleanliness, because I never felt like the first round was ever enough.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is... Brushing too long, too often and too hard are bad habits that can wear down your tooth enamel as well as damage your gums and cause them to recede. Receding gums is a side effect I have personally experienced because of my bad brushing habits! After talking to my dentist and realizing the error of my ways, I tried my best to break those habits, by switching to a softer brush, trying to brush less aggressively, brushing a normal 2 or 3 times a day. But I never felt satisfied that my mouth and teeth were clean enough. So often I'd try to over compensate with extra toothpaste or sometimes would slip into the old habit of aggressive brushing. *sigh*

So here is where things get better, I recently received the CariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush courtesy of Smile Brilliant and after looking into it, I was THRILLED to give it a go! It seemed like the perfect tool to help me kick my bad habits!! And after using it the past few weeks, I can tell you it has helped me so much! But before I get into how, first let me just tell you - I don't really have much experience with other electric toothbrushes. For some reason I assumed they would be too aggressive for an already aggressive brusher like myself. And of course as a budget beauty, the high cost of most brushes always kept me away as well. But I am so glad I gave the CariPRO a try.
Now lets get into the good stuff: First off it has 5 modes right on the brush handle so you can achieve a brushing experience ideal for your needs and then some! This is great so you can switch up the way you use your brush too. Three of the modes are used for cleaning:
- Clean (standard cleaning mode)
- White (most powerful cleaning mode)
- Sensitive (gentle cleaning mode).

Each of the above moves do an incredible job. I'm able to allow the brush to do all the "hard work" and I can just move the brush to different sections of my mouth. This has been great to help me kick that aggressive brushing habit!

Then there are two additional modes for gum health: 
- Massage (gum stimulation)
- Gum Care (gentle gum line cleaning). 
You may have guessed it, but the "White" mode is my favorite... You know I love that powerful clean! haha I like to use that mode in the morning when I feel like I need the most cleansing. Then I will switch it up to the "Clean" mode at night or use "Sensitive" mode if I feel the need for a mid-day cleaning. I personally love that regardless of the mode you use, you will achieve a gentle yet very effective cleansing! I no longer feel the need to brush twice in a row now or that my teeth and mouth are not clean enough. My mouth feels so clean and my teeth and gums are looking so much better!

Now my FAVORITE thing about the CariPRO is that each mode is designed to operate for exactly 2 minutes to ensure you are not brushing too long (or too short for that matter). Additionally (and even better) is that it operates in 30 second increments so you know when to move to a different section of your mouth (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). I seriously LOVE that! So you can get an even clean and ensure you're not spending more or less time on any section of your mouth. That's honestly been the best thing for me and my teeth!!

Additional features worth noting:
- 40,000 Vibrations/Minute
- Removes up to 7x more plaque than manual toothbrush
- 30 Day battery life (on full charge)
- Waterproof design is safe for shower/bath
- Improves gum health
- 2x whiter teeth in just a week
- You can check out the FAQ page here

Price starts at $119 and includes:
- CapriPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush
- 2 Replacement Heads
- wireless charging dock
- 2 year warranty

Replacements Brush Heads are very reasonable!
You can get:
2 for $13
4 for $23 or
8 for $43
Since using the CariPro I've been able to kick my bad brushing habits since I feel so much more content in my oral health and more confident in having a more beautiful smile! If you are interested in purchasing the CariPRO for yourself (and I recommend that you do - even if you don't have bad brushing habits like me) then you use code agapelovedesigns20 to save 20%, making this brush a great deal! (And much more affordable than extra dentist visits!)

Additionally you can try your luck at WINNING the CariPRO by clicking THIS LinkGood Luck and Happy Brushing!! 

If you too use the Smile Brilliant CariPRO, sound off in the comments! I am sure others would love to hear your experience as well! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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