Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beauty Community Hot Takes | My Thoughts GRWM | Emily Noel

Hey beauty babes, So I recently watched Emily Noel's video Responding to Beauty Hot Takes (which are described as bold statements, observations, unpopular opinions) and LOVED the idea so much that I decided to do a response to the very same hot takes!

Now I didn't respond to ALL of them, but there were several that I really wanted to give my opinion on! So here they are - along with a GRWM to make this video a little more interesting! (All Products will be listed below).

If you liked this video and would be interested in me filming another, please leave YOUR beauty/makeup Hot Takes you would like me to respond to in the comments and I will do another and share your comment in my next video!

If you have not seen Emily's video you can check it out here to hear her opinions on these same hot takes here.

Products used:
**Some Affiliate links may be used.

- Urban Decay Naked Skin shape shifter Palettes (for setting powder, contour & highlight) 

**Affiliate links help me to earn a small commission when you purchase something after clicking the link. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and its a small way to help support me and my channel! ♥

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