Saturday, September 21, 2019

Makeup I Want But (Probably) Wont Buy and Why #5

Hey beauty babes I'm back with another "Makeup I Want, But probably Wont Buy and why" video! I know some of these items are a bit "older news" *eye roll* (being that they are a month old), BUT I really still wanted to talk about them! All of these items I totally would love to buy, and just want to talk about (maybe talk myself out of buying)! SO, lets discuss!! I'd love to create a community to help and encourage each other whether you are on a no buy or low buy or are just trying to be more cautious with your money and purchases!

AND - If you actually own any of these items mentioned, please share your thoughts/reviews/opinions on them. Your opinions are always helpful! Also feel free to  share anything YOU want to buy but may not buy and why. We can chit chat and still have fun talking about makeup, even if we don't own it!

I get my photos and info from the following IG Accounts:

This type of video is very similar to Samantha March's "Will I buy it" videos - only you already know I most likely will NOT buy these things. Anyways, I guess this could also seem like an 'Anti-Haul' video, although its more of a positive spin on the "anti-haul"!

Check out Samantha March here 

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