Friday, October 25, 2019

8 Easy No Sew Shirt Thrift Flips | Custom & Cute Shirt Refashions!

Hey beauty babes, today I am sharing something fun and yet a little different for my channel! I am sharing 8 cut and easy no sew "Thrift Flips"! Time-Stamps can be found below so you can skip around to each flip. For those who may not know, a Thrift Flip is basically upcycling or refashioning items that are specifically Thrifted. However you can do any of these ideas with existing clothes you may have, or even new ones if you want! These are just fun ways to revamp your clothing, so get creative and make your clothes unique and your own! If you like these types of videos, I could definitely do a few more in the future, as I have some other fun ideas in mine for ways to "flip" more shirts and even pants!

TIMESTAMPS (skip around to each flip)

-Supplies - 1:29
- Flip 1 - 1:56
- Flip 2 - 5:52
- Flip 3 - 8:31
- Flip 4 - 13:35
- Flip 5 - 18:03
- Flip 6 - 22:00
- Flip 7 - 26:28
- Flip 8 - 34:09 See the Pictorial here.
- More of Lucy - 35:45

Much Love & Hugs,
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