Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Hypocrite Youtuber Tag

Hey babes! Today I am doing the Hypocrite Youtuber tag! I am not sure where this tag came from (I saw it on PurplePinkRed) But I LOVED the questions! I am not quite sure what makes these questions hypocritical, but you can let me know... Am I A Hypocritial Youtuber!? Watch and let me know your thoughts!

1) Have you ever blocked someone on Instagram?
2) Do you envy other YouTubers?
3) Have you ever answered back to comments in a rude way?
4) Which is your favourite video you've ever done?
5) What video are you embarrassed about?
6) Have you had any problems with other YouTubers?
7) What would you change on your channel?
8) Have you ever been inspired by or copied another YouTuber?
9) Have you ever disliked another YouTuber?
10) Do you have a fake account to do things you don't do with your real account?

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