Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mommy Makeover | 2 Month Post Op Update

Hey beauty babes! Today I'm sharing all about how I'm doing/feeling  2 months post op! I am SO excited to share my results so far! You'll get side by side results of how I look (before and after) but I'm also going to include a 2 by side comparison of my body 1 month vs 2 months! The difference is really exciting! Hope you enjoy!

If you are NEW around here (first, hello and welcome!) I would like to invite you to please check out the Playlist, to learn a little bit more about my journey.

Breast Augmentation Update  - 3:30
Tummy Tuck Update - 5:00
Body Before & After - 15:21
1 month vs 2 months: 16:16

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