Please check out these links for Examples of my work. 

Link to all Photo Shoot Sessions posted on the blog so far.
Any uncategorized photos I happen to post on my blog. :)

If youre looking for more specific sessions:

Photo sessions of children

Photo sessions of couples

Family or group photo sessions

Not just for mommy's, 
But I also love doing maternity portraits with soon to be big sister(s) and/or big brother(s),
 and daddy's too!

photo sessions of adorable new born babies and infants!

Personality Portraits are fun sessions where the photos are more relaxed and laid back, and reflect your own personality. Could be dressed up nice, in a uniform, with or with out props.. any style or thing that will reflect your personality. 

Senior/Class portraits

Single person photo session

Specialty portraits are similar to personality portraits except that they are more fantastical that realistic. Done for fun, or for certain projects.. like for birthday cards (little girl dressed as a princess for her princess themed bday party, or a little boy as a pirate for his pirate party). Or for cosplay, contests, or art projects. Pretty much a session that was meant just for fun.

Ceremonies, Baby Showers, Charity projects, Birthdays..

Need some thing cute to display all your wonderful new photos??
Check out this link for custom made photo albums made by me. :) I will be posting a tutorial on how to make them.. but I am also selling them locally for about $40-45.

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