Agape Love Boutique

Agape Love Boutique offers Unique and Classic Hair Accessories, Jewelry that usually has a touching story behind it, as well as Digital Photo cards, Invites and Printables. I really pour my heart into everything I do and make as I desire to glorify God in all that I do. He has shown me how I can use the talents He has blessed me with, to show love and bring joy to others while also working from home and helping my husband take care of our family.


  1. Beautiful things! I found you through Raising Miss Mommy.

  2. I found you through Casey and am now following:)

  3. I love your designs!I am going to follow you!

    Lusine from Enjoy Teaching English (

  4. I dont have a wife or a girlfriend or any family @ all
    :-( but if i did, they'd all wear your designs. Amazing stuff! Chris. Toronto, Canada

  5. ok, I just add you on Etsy. God bless!


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